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Which mirror to choose according to the room?

Which mirror to choose according to the room?

The mirror is a real decorative asset provided you know which model to choose according to the space where you will install it. Indeed, in the dining room the mirror will have an aesthetic function while in the entrance, it will be more practical! Also, here are some tips for choosing your mirror according to the room.

A psyche mirror in the entrance

Purpose If your entry is really reduced, do not hesitate to increase the size of the mirror by opting instead for a psyche mirror that you will attach to the wall so that it does not take up too much space.

Decorative mirrors in the hallway

Lemon squeezer To dress a hallway, mirrors are a good solution because they will give space to the space. Since the mirror will not be very useful in this place, we can play the card of originality and opt for mirrors of good size to place on the floor. We multiply them for a destructured effect.

An original mirror in the dining room

Purpose In the dining room, the mirror has mainly a decorative function. It gives depth to the room and plays with light. We can then afford an original mirror with for example a multifaceted model.

A good size mirror in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin In the bathroom, the mirror must be very functional. It is placed naturally above the basin and must be of sufficient size. The little extra: a mirror with lighting to be even more practical.

Decorative mirrors in the bedroom

Castorama In the bedroom, the mirrors have several functions. They can very well, for example, become a decorative asset that infuses a feminine style into the room. For example, you can have several small mirrors of different shapes above the bed.

The mirror in the dressing room

Fly If you don't have a dressing room, your bedroom will play the role of this room. It is therefore essential to install a large mirror so that you can check your outfits. The ideal? Opt for a mirrored wardrobe closet door to save space and provide a beautiful mirror surface.

The psyche mirror in the bedroom

Purpose In addition, you can also add a psyche mirror to that of your dressing room. Very decorative, it acts as an accessory in the room to play the card of femininity. It is then placed at an angle to give a new perspective to the room.

A mirror to put in the living room

Fly In the living room, the mirror covers the walls and allows you to play with the space by modifying the proportions somewhat. To make it aesthetic, it is placed, for example, on a low piece of furniture to give it height.

A mirror in the children's room

Maisons du monde In the children's room, and especially girls', the mirror is essential for a princess decoration. We choose a beautiful style mirror that can be placed high because it is mainly used for decoration.