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The plinths are deco

The plinths are deco

No more classic white plinths! Now, the junction between the wall and the floor is decorative. Yes, even the small details of a piece play a major role in the end result, especially if it is intended to be unique and original. Direction Saint Maclou to attend a parade of plinths like no other ...

Water bubble effect

Saint Maclou ### To complete a seaside decor, add a playful touch to the bathroom or add an ocean touch to the living room, these water bubble plinths are made for you!

Graffiti effect

Saint Maclou ### Lovers of street art or interiors inspired by large megalopolises, here are graffiti plinths perfect for highlighting your urban decor. A detail at the foot of the wall which nevertheless has its effect in the decoration!

Mix of writings on woody background

Saint Maclou ### Lowercase letters and characters jostle gently on this dark wooden plinth. For those looking for an original but discreet flower bed!

Mixed writing on gray background

Saint Maclou ### Another illustration of plinths like scriptures, but on gray wooden background this time. If you think of the decoration in its smallest details, here is what to complete the harmony of your home sweet home!