Secrets of beautiful gardens: topiary art

Secrets of beautiful gardens: topiary art

If you are one of those who despair, to see that nature does as it pleases, then the topiaries will delight you! Here, there is no longer any question of a branch that leaves to the right or to the left as it pleases, or of a plant that refuses to flourish despite insistent care. When the base is given - a boxwood, a laurel or any other "always green" plant - all that remains is to print the shape of your choice. With topiaries, monotony no longer risks watching the gardener! To allow you to taste in turn the happiness of plant sculpture, we offer you this panorama of topiary art by drawing on the achievements of the most beautiful gardens in France.

Marqueyssac gardens

Laugery-Bordeaux ## The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac Here, everything is sweet. Softness of the slope, softness of the design of the alleys, softness of the round shapes which underline the relief of the massifs… Thanks to the art of the gardeners, the plant becomes one with the ground, as if it reflected its deep structure. Visit the gardens

The gardens of the Château du Touvet

Château du Touvet ## The gardens of the Château du Touvet Boxwood embroidery is an exercise well known to gardeners in charge of French parks. To discipline plants in this way, two annual prunings are necessary. But the result, with finesse, is a great reward! Visit the gardens

The gardens of the Château de Chenonceau

IMAGE DE MARC ## The gardens of the Château de Chenonceau The labyrinth is another well-known style exercise. It is also an exercise which goes beyond the simple mastery of plants, since it is also necessary to design the layout and know how to animate the center of this space. Beyond the fun, this must be the real highlight of the labyrinth! Visit the gardens

Visit of the Gardens of the Château de la Bourdaisière

La Bourdaisière ## The gardens of the Château de la Bourdaisière What grace in this layout, and what a feeling of naturalness despite the mastery required by its realization! The secret may lie in these few boxwood balls which seem to have escaped from the embroidery and are determined to reach the refuge of the large neighboring trees. Visit the gardens

The Botanical Park of Upper Brittany

Botanical Park of Upper Brittany ## The Botanical Park of Upper Brittany What a clever idea that this one, where mineral and vegetable are mixed to compose a living checkerboard, punctuated by varied reliefs? Park visit

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander ## The Eyrignac gardens Without ever leaving the chromatic palette of green, this lawn manages to come alive thanks to topiaries with the most varied shapes and reliefs. Under the appearance of a wise garden, what fantasy reigns in this place! Visit the gardens

Castle gardens of Villandry

Château de Villandry ## The gardens of Château de Villandry The idea to remember here is the combination of boxwood and flowers. Disciplined, the first lends itself to the creation of forms which then contain the flowers which fulfill the role of spots of color. And this is how adorable vegetable hearts, and other varied forms, can come into being. Visit the gardens

The gardens of Séricourt

The gardens of Séricourt ## The gardens of Séricourt What an amazing "forest" this one is! The density helping, and thanks to the varied forms which are given to them, these topiaries seem to form a living body, ready to start moving and within which one can capture the murmurs of conversations ... Visit the gardens

Agapanthus gardens

Arnaud de Saint Jores ## Les jardins d'Agapanthe While the topiaries are often installed as part of a lawn, why not invite some off the beaten track, offering them to mix with different species ? We can thus play not only on the contrasts of forms, but also of colors, as here where this massive topiary and always green responds pleasantly to the lightness and the freshness of the grasses which surround it. Visit the gardens