Dressing spirit in the bathroom

Dressing spirit in the bathroom

Traditionally associated with the bedroom or the entrance, the dressing room today goes off the beaten track by integrating with the bathroom. All daring is allowed, and fashion and design lovers can now have fun borrowing the codes of the classic wardrobe to transform this room into a star lodge! From there to open a real dressing room on the toilet space, there is only one step that many have already taken. Demonstration in pictures.

Optical illusion

Agence Ouest Home This pretty Parisian room hosts a toilet space cleverly hidden behind two large dressing-style doors: once opened by sliding on the sides, they reveal a large bathtub! A great lesson in style and space saving given by the interior architecture agency Ouest Home, specialist in small spaces.

Design at the service of small spaces

The Favorite Feature for this solid wood wardrobe which opens onto a clever and functional bathroom. Created by the publishing house La Function, this luxury cabinet offers the essentials for a quick but neat beauty treatment thanks to its designer basin, its numerous electrical outlets and its ultra practical storage.

Two in one

Cuisinella A real dressing room has been integrated into this modern and refined bathroom, signed Cuisinella. Very practical, it allows you to dress directly after the shower! Two large mirrors were attached to the sliding doors, to enlarge and illuminate the room.

Retro dressing table

Maisons du Monde There is no need for major fittings to breathe a dressing spirit into your bathroom. An emblematic piece of furniture, completed by a few accessories will be enough to transform the room. The dressing table is the ultimate feminine piece of furniture: space-saving, it immediately brings a glamorous touch to the decor.

The right accessories

Ikea It is not always easy to rearrange your bathroom when it is not very spacious. If you still want to give it a new look, consider accessories, like this pretty wooden valet available at Ikea. You can also hang coat hooks, jewelry holders or shelves for a dressing look at low cost!

Communicate spaces

Domozoom The idea of ​​a dressing room in the bathroom tempts you, but you are put off by the humidity on the clothes? Let the two rooms communicate! While being accessible, your dressing room will remain safe from damage that water and humidity can cause.

A bathroom worthy of a 5-star hotel

Victoria + Albert If your bathroom is large and bright, do not hesitate to play the total look card by accessorizing with glamorous and refined objects. For a revisited boudoir spirit, the Ghost chair by designer Philippe Starck, the romantic seats of Maisons du Monde or the art deco style lighting will make all the difference!

Choose suitable furniture

Victoria + Albert It's all about appearance. If the idea of ​​the dressing look appeals to you, consider classic furniture for clothes instead of traditional bathroom furniture. If you add to this a beautiful basin and bathtub set, like those of Victoria & Albert, the decor will be chic as possible!

Beauty perspective

Manufacture of interiors What if you plan to add a toilet space to your dressing room and not the other way around? Very practical, the water point remains discreet and compact.