10 dream dressing rooms with a tailor-made specialist

10 dream dressing rooms with a tailor-made specialist

To make tidying up a pleasure, many brands offer made-to-measure dressings to meet your space and your needs. To make you want, the editorial staff offers you to discover 10 dream dressings in pictures.

A dressing room in a glass cube

Square In this large bedroom, a whole corner has been made available to create the dressing area. Imagined as a large glass cube, it takes advantage of the light in the room.

A dressing room with a view of the sky

Faer Who wouldn't dream of a made-to-measure wardrobe with an opening on the ceiling to enjoy the sky? We bet it will seduce more than one!

A dressing room with a Scandinavian atmosphere

Giessegi With its metal frame and brown wood, this wardrobe reminds us of the furniture to compose of the famous Swedish brand String. Ideal if you want to create a soft Scandinavian atmosphere in this room only reserved for our wardrobe.

A highlighted wardrobe

Hülsta To highlight each dress, each pair of shoes or each shirt in your range, we advise you to install a multitude of spots, on the ceiling, but also on the shelves.

A practical corner wardrobe

Lema Dressing in angle also rhymes with dream dressing as this well thought out model proves to us. On one side the space for men with lockers for shirts, on the other the female corner with drawers to carefully store the pieces of lingerie.

A well organized dressing room

Nova Mobili To be as organized as possible in a large closet, we like the idea of ​​multiplying the lockers in which shirts, sweaters or scarves slip in the blink of an eye.

Glass doors for the dressing room

Poliform To protect your clothes, you can also install glass doors that favor the clean and light result. Aesthetic, but also practical to easily access all your belongings!

A dressing room with original shelves

Presotto Favorite for this wardrobe which dared a little touch of originality by opting for shelves in the shape of a snake. A very nice idea when the dressing room is exposed to everyone's view.

A dressing room with view on the bedroom

Nova Mobili To prepare your outfit for the day, without having to get up from the bed, you opt for a dressing room visible from the bedroom thanks to a system of sliding glass doors.