Teens' bathrooms: small but stylish

Teens' bathrooms: small but stylish

For the lucky teens who have a bathroom to share with their siblings, upstairs or in their bedroom, or even better, a bathroom just for them, here are some pictures of inspirations. The proof that small space and space saving can rhyme with trendy.

Bathroom for sunny teens

Leroy Merlin ### The new healthy glow recipe for teenagers is her: a sunny yellow bathroom to start the day on a small cloud. We also like its very graphic shower curtain adorned with letters in multiple formats, and its few green notes that subtly enhance the decor.

Bathroom for vitaminized teen

Leroy Merlin ### Because they need a hell of a dose of energy to start the day, here is an orange bathroom that should boost their morning awakenings and their good mood…

Tomato red teen bathroom

Castorama ### The teenagers' bathroom is so beautiful when it sees red! Punch and tone on call! When space saving ideas, we retain that of the triangular sink embedded in a corner.

Black & white teen bathroom

Ikea ### A very small bathroom in black and white mode? This should delight anti-color rebel teens!

Bathroom for teen loft spirit

Leroy Merlin ### Shower, toilet and sink are one and the same in this super well-exploited mini bathroom having adopted a very loft / design style. Because there is no age to surround yourself with a trendy decor!

Bathroom for Apple Green Teen

Lapeyre ### Furnished with a sink, a shelf, a mirror and an apple-green storage column, the kids' bathroom is pop and refreshing.

Flashy teen bathroom

Paragraph ### Daring neon green, this minimalist bathroom plays with traditional codes and surprises us with its pop and whimsical creativity. It is not for nothing if it is intended for a teenager…