How to use black in the bedroom?

How to use black in the bedroom?

Black is undoubtedly the color of elegance so why not give a chic touch to the room by bringing this color into the room? This is what we offer you through 10 inspirations that will allow you to know how to use black in the bedroom.

Black in a classic setting

La Redoute If your room has a classic decor, you can bring it a touch of modernity by playing with the black color. We choose for this a beautiful piece of furniture in a deep black like this bed which modernizes the whole room by its elegance.

Black for a feminine decor

Ikea In a feminine bedroom you can also bring in the color black. The latter will give a very chic style and will blend perfectly with other feminine colors such as pastel pink or white to bring light to the whole.

Black for a design style

Purpose Black is the ally of design style because it does not fail to sublimate a decor with clean lines. In this room, black settles on the furniture and contrasts with the white walls to bring out the whole.

A black block

Aim Be aware that black can be worked in bulk in a room. So, opt for a backdrop in a solid color like gray and determine with the furniture the mass that will accommodate black. Here, the XXL headboard combined with bed linen of the same color offers a beautiful harmony. The bed then becomes the centerpiece.

Black and romanticism

Purpose Fancy a romantic bedroom? Black is happy to settle there! With a wrought iron bed and a few black poufs as a reminder of the color that settles on the walls, the decor is glamorous for a lover's bedroom.

A total black look

La Redoute For a chic and glamorous atmosphere, black also finds its place in the bedroom in total look. We install it on the walls and furniture and we simply choose a slightly lighter bed linen to give brightness to the whole.

Graphic black

Fly Black will be ideal to offer a graphic decoration to your room. Opt for a XXL black leather bed for the material effect and play with bed linen with a graphic pattern. And to bring out the black, bet on a touch of color like a yellow cushion.

Black and gray, trendy duo

Fly For the decor of your room in a fairly chic spirit, you can play with black for the furniture and gray for the walls. You will then get a shades of dark cocoon-like colors.

Black and its finishes

Fly Know that in the bedroom, do not hesitate to play with the different finishes of black in order to give relief to the room. You can choose shiny black for a dresser and in contrast, a very matte black for the bed for example.