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Geography lesson in decoration

Geography lesson in decoration

To celebrate the love of travel, of discovery, of attachment to a continent or to a country, the decor is decorated with world maps and geography maps. Aimed at globetrotters as well as flea market buffs, this sometimes exotic, sometimes retro label (or both) is also intended for all rooms in the house. Look, succumb ...

A planisphere in the games room

AM PM Playing master and mistress with a slate wall and a geographic map is even better! Or how to give a real dimension to children's games…

On the bed linen

Ikéa No geography map for teenagers dreaming of exploring the world, but bed linen or decorative cushions like planispheres. Chic!

A card at the head of the bed

AM PM Invitation to travel or a simple secondhand note, this map of northern France planted above the bed, presides over the place with authenticity.

Traveling at the table

AM PM Hanging in the middle of the dining room, an old map of France implements a delicious vintage mood that will delight him…

Geographical decoration in the kitchen

AM PM Between two dressers, the kitchen has opted for a mottled world map to accentuate its country chic style.

A puzzle of the world in the entrance

Fleux In the entrance, a cork planisphere invites you to hang holiday photos and postcards from around the world. Something to welcome under the sign of travel!

Near the workspace

Maisons du Monde To underline the retro inspiration of a school-style children's desk, we add to the duo "desk and chalk board", a geography map to hunt around in a flea market.

Colorful for kids

Maisons du Monde To make your children want to learn the capitals of countries around the world, choose a terrestrial globe with colors different from traditional worlds.

Accumulation of cards

Maisons du Monde Geographer at heart, do not hesitate to use the accumulation trend. A planisphere on the wall, a globe with an old look on the desk, and voila.

Even on bed linen

Achica Do not hesitate to dare the world map even in the bedroom in bed linen version. This duvet cover makes us travel in the blink of an eye.

Playful for children

Simple Shapes We love this colorful and fun menu that we install as quickly as possible in the bedroom. The drawings of animals positioned on each continent allow him to discover their place of original habitat.

A globe with a retro look

Maisons du Monde To give a retro feel to your teenage bedroom, bet on furniture with a mottled look like this metal desk and this military trunk. Last accessory that makes the difference: a terrestrial globe yellowed by time unearthed on a flea market.

A triptych card Play the originality card in the living room by opting for this giant world map cut into three parts. In black and white, it remains sober while bringing the decorative touch that it lacked to the decor.

Travel in the office

Great Art Need a break in the office? All you have to do is install this large world map with the appearance of time.

Trunks covered with cards

Maisons du Monde To make your interior travel, you can also simply bet on trunks covered with world maps. Thus installed in the living room, they are as practical as decorative.

Worlds with a different look

Zara Home A black and white globe, the other colored and finally a last one in shiny metal ... Play on sizes and styles to bring a unique style to your living room.