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Soften the decor of the bathroom in 10 ideas

Soften the decor of the bathroom in 10 ideas

Do you dislike in the morning and find the bathroom test rather unpleasant? Suffice to say that you need a little sweetness to start your days. The good news is that we have 10 decorative solutions that will allow you to soften the atmosphere of your bathroom for a more pleasant awakening.

A soothing atmosphere

Paragraph If the retro style does not appeal to you, you can turn to a seaside style that does not fail to appease the spirits to start the day as if we were on vacation.

A soft carpet

Coral Softness in the bathroom starts with the feet! Indeed, if you add a carpet to your bathroom, the atmosphere will be softer and warmer in the blink of an eye.

Enveloping colors

Ideal So that the bathroom becomes a cocoon of softness, we do not hesitate to use enveloping colors such as beige, string or taupe. In addition to being very trendy, these colors create a feeling of well-being.

Pastel colors

Sanijura To start the day gently, pastel colors are also a good starting point. They offer a springtime and refreshing atmosphere to the whole room whether they are used on walls or furniture.

Warm materials

Duravit And it's not just the colors that come into play for a soft bathroom. It will also be necessary to choose materials that bring a certain warmth to the whole like wood in a light shade.

Wood on the ground too

Porcelanosa On the ground, wood is also a good solution to ensure a soft and warm atmosphere. You can choose a parquet that is suitable for damp rooms or choose a vinyl that imitates wood.

Wallpaper on the wall

Delpha As we take care of the furniture materials, we can also opt for warm elements on the walls. You can for example choose wallpaper provided that the room is well ventilated.

Feminine lines

Leroy Merlin When choosing the elements of your bathroom, remember to play the feminine card which does not fail to bring softness and delicacy to the room. We love, for example, this sleek and elegant bathroom.

A feminine piece of furniture

Maisons du monde Finally, to make the passage to the bathroom a pleasant one, you will think of making it a space of well-being. We opt for example for a feminine piece of furniture like a dressing table in order to pamper yourself in the morning.