10 planchas for healthy and convivial cuisine

10 planchas for healthy and convivial cuisine

A tradition from Spain, a la plancha cuisine has many advantages. Synonymous with conviviality, it allows you to cook healthy and rich in tastes of your vegetables, meats, fish, crustaceans or even game. To be placed on the table or on a trolley, electric or gas, enamelled cast iron or steel plate, there are a multitude. Here are 10 models to spend a gourmet and healthy summer!

Plancha pro Brasero: 990 euros

Here is a terribly ingenious professional gas plancha! Each burner is controlled by an individual tap allowing the regulation of the power. Another advantage: a removable juice container to easily evacuate cooking juices.

Plancha Roller Grill: 599 euros

Roller Grill Also let yourself be tempted by a practical electric model and take advantage of the functional stainless steel and wooden serving table to facilitate your movements and store the various utensils. Its little extra: two folding stainless steel shelves when you no longer need it.

Plancha gaz Lux Simeo: 849 euros

Siméo Are you dreaming of a functional and decorative kitchen area in your garden? Here is the ideal plancha! Its carbon steel laminated cooking plate allows you to cook your grills and vegetables serenely. Favorite for its natural and contemporary wooden serving table.

Plancha Intercol BB Plancha: 45 euros

BB Plancha Intercol Grill wherever you want! This is a concept that caught our attention. This very stylish gas plancha with its rounded shape can be taken with you on picnics as well as on vacation. Small in size but large in capacity, it still allows you to prepare grills for 6 to 8 people.

Plancha Tefal wood: 69.90 euros

Tefal Noble, chic… this plancha with solid wood and metal finishes has all the ingredients to bring a touch of elegance to the table. Your guests will be delighted!

Plancha Le Marquier La petite Reina: 799 euros

Le Marquier Fish, crustaceans, meats, game, vegetables ... prepare all your favorite recipes on this enameled cast iron baking sheet. The major advantage of this coating? Homogeneous heat distribution. Another practical advantage is that you can adjust the inclination of the plate with two screws to facilitate the evacuation of cooking juices.

Siméo electric plancha: 59.99 euros

Siméo Fall for this ceramic coated model which offers you a high temperature conductivity for a faster and more homogeneous cooking result. It also allows you to keep the natural juice of the elements.

Plancha Lagrange red clip: 129.99 euros

Lagrange This small model of table plancha offers you the possibility of inviting 6 to 8 guests for a healthy and convivial dinner. Its decorative advantage: you can change the color of the base in the blink of an eye thanks to the clips provided.

Wik electric plancha: 69 euros

Wik A simple rotation of the device allows you to choose the surface you want to use: grill or baking stone. Its advantage: practically no smoke is emitted from the device, which makes it ideal for indoors. And find a wide selection of planchas on our price comparison: cooking equipment at the best price on!